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Badali Bar & Cucina

Badali Bar & Cucina

In the beginning of the month, a few of my closest friends and I decided to take a night off our hectic schedules. What better way to take a break than have some sangria, delicious food and a great atmosphere to relax in. So, we decided to try out Toronto's Winterlicious offering. 

Initially we were supposed to try a different restaurant, but after my reservation blunder we settled on the Badali Bar & Cucina. I think the outcome of my failure was a great success though, as the food was incredible and the setting was lovely. 

Badali Bar Girls | Tall Girl Meets World

While there were many great options on the Winterlicious menu, I immediately settled on my picks for the evening. Since it was one of very few girls nights we've had during our program, we had to start the evening off with some fruity sangria. Shortly after, our appetizers were settled in front of us. Since I have an obsession with risotto, I chose the smoked provolone arancini to start with. They were crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and perfectly paired with a spicy tomato sauce.

Arancini | Tall Girl Meets World

While the arancini was pretty filling, I was definitely ready to take on the next course. Next up was the rosemary gnocchi with winter vegetables, taking full advantage of the seasonal veggies. I love a good gnocchi and this one was paired with butternut squash, red peppers, brussels sprouts, a tomato basil sauce and pumpkin seeds. The flavours and textures worked together perfectly. I got excited when the cheese came around and forgot to snap a photo before the waitress grated some fresh cheese on my gnocchi, but the dish looks tasty regardless.

Rosemary Gnocchi | Tall Girl Meets World

Last but not least was the dessert round. Of course everyone at the table saved some room for dessert. I can't resist a good chocolate and coffee-flavour combination, so I went for the brownie bar topped with espresso tapioca pudding and strawberry balsamic coulis. Like everything else that evening, the dessert was rich in flavour and left me feeling perfectly satisfied with my meal. 

Brownie Bar | Tall Girl Meets World

The Badali Bar & Cucina is a lovely gem located in the heart of the Entertainment District in Toronto. Not only was the meal delicious, but the restaurant itself had a spacious interior, a picture-perfect graphic wall and the best serving staff. Our servers were so attentive and funny, which made our night even more enjoyable. 

Did you get the chance to try out a Winterlicious menu in Toronto this year? What was your favourite dish or restaurant?

Until next time, 

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