World Food Day 2017

Today is World Food Day - a time to celebrate food, but also a time to think about the food situation around the globe. Having access to food, especially nutritious food, is a struggle for many people across the world. 

Photo by Brooke Lark of Cheeky Kitchen via Unsplash 

Photo by Brooke Lark of Cheeky Kitchen via Unsplash 

In my role as social media coordinator at World Vision Canada, I've been able to learn and share about the hunger crisis - which is currently affecting more than 34 million people in Africa - through our Hunger Free campaign. As someone who goes home every day to a stocked kitchen, I can't comprehend not knowing where my next meal will come from.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to work at our Hunger Free event in Toronto, where we were joined by YouTuber Peter McKinnon, Instagram celeb Dennis the Prescott, and a group of amazing local influencers.

Photo Gallery 1 | Tall Girl Meets World
Photo Gallery 2 | Tall Girl Meets World
With  Katie , my social media counterpart at World Vision Canada

With Katie, my social media counterpart at World Vision Canada

Katie + Kaitlyn at a Food Station | Tall Girl Meets World
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Kaitlyn Laughing | Tall Girl Meets World
Africa's Hunger Crisis Needs Attention | Tall Girl Meets World

While we took the evening to celebrate food and take some stunning photos of what we ate, we also shared why it's crucial to spread awareness about the dire situation so many people are facing right now. After a prolonged decline, world hunger is actually on the rise. This is a global-scale crisis that deserves global attention.

This incredible film by Peter McKinnon captures how drought is affecting Kenya, and how families are thriving in the face of adversity.

Here's the good news: despite being halfway across the globe, we can help those in need. You can donate $5 to the hunger crisis by texting "Hunger" to 45678 or spread the word by using #HungerFree on your social media networks. You can also learn more at

What are you grateful for this World Food Day? What foods are you celebrating today?

Until next time,
Kaitlyn xo