IKEA Play Cafe

When my friend Rachel passed along the news that IKEA was bringing back the pop up shop in downtown Toronto, and this time the focus would be on food, I was beyond excited! Despite the struggle of mastering the assembly of IKEA furniture, I'm the biggest fan of IKEA. In fact, I often used to stop by to pick up some coffee, dinner and frozen yogurt from there when I lived nearby.

IKEA Logo | Tall Girl Meets World

Back to today's topic though: IKEA Play Cafe. With a fun game around every corner, I can definitely see where the name of this pop up shop came from. Rachel and I totally rocked the Kitchen Dance game, which is basically an IKEA'd version of Dance Dance Revolution - ahhh-mazing! 

IKEA Play Cafe | Tall Girl Meets World
Food Rules are Meant to be Broken | Tall Girl Meets World

As soon as you entered the pop up shop, you were given a wooden spoon that you could tap on your favourite products to build a personalized wishlist that you could then pick up at the cash register. If I didn't have to carry these items with me through the city, my list probably would have gotten a bit out of hand. I mean, look how cute the tiny turquoise pot is!!

IKEA Product Display | Tall Girl Meets World

This nature-inspired hangout spot looked super cozy, and I could imagine spending a good chunk of time settled in here with a good book if this was in my own home.

Cozy Green Couch | Tall Girl Meets World

Side note: you can't go wrong with a good set of pots and pans! This wall of cookware goodies was very tempting.

Kitchen Corner | Tall Girl Meets World
Kitchen Dance | Tall Girl Meets World

Typically, I'm not a fan of anything yellow, but paired with the grey pillows, these chairs are adorable. They were so comfortable to lounge in!

Also, this phrase couldn't describe Toronto and city living better. It really is still possible to live large while in a small space. You just have to have the right decor!

Live Large in a Small Space | Tall Girl Meets World

FOOD. Now, we're really talking. I love that IKEA is never afraid to try new things and step outside the box for ideas. They had a cafe section, where you could grab your favourite meatballs (regular, chicken or veggie) and load them up with toppings and sauce!

See Food Differently | Tall Girl Meets World

Since we arrived on the final day of the pop up shop, we didn't have as many options such as the classic gravy and lingonberry combo, but there were still yummy flavours and toppings to add to the meatballs. I went with the chicken and veggie meatballs with sweet chili sauce on both. Then I added a waffle bit onto the veggie meatballs and crunchy potato chips onto the chicken meatballs. Both delicious! Of course, I paired them with an apple cider for a refreshing taste. 

Meatballs and Cider | Tall Girl Meets World

IKEA always has the most innovative and fun events happening, and this one certainly didn't disappoint! I actually wish the cafe was open all year round!

Did you stop by the IKEA Play Cafe? What was your favourite part about it? What combo did you grab at the cafe?

Until next time, 
Kaitlyn xo