IKEA Pop-Up Experience

From May 13 to May 26, IKEA Canada held a pop-up experience at 363 King St. West in Toronto. Anyone who has spent five minutes in my room or has heard me talk about my love of Sweden would immediately understand why I was so excited for this event.

The purpose of the pop-up experience was to inspire consumers to think about food differently in a way that's fun and affordable. 

IKEA Pop-Up Experience | Tall Girl Meets World

The moment my friend and I walked into the pop-up experience, we were greeted with a wall of wooden spoons. What was so cool about these spoons was that they were connected to the cash register. Shoppers could tap their spoon against a sign beside the item they wanted and it would create a shopping list they could pick up when they were finished walking around the shop.

Food for Thought | Tall Girl Meets World

There was also a large table of candy jars, a pile of chocolates and a large cookbook near the entrance. Here's a picture of me holding my wooden shopping spoon with sheer excitement as I stand beside a life-sized cookbook.

Life-Sized IKEA Cookbook | Tall Girl Meets World

When we walked further into the pop-up shop, we were greeted with a large kitchen setup. We got to try out some virtual reality glasses that allowed us to see different IKEA kitchens and we browsed kitchen items and decor. Along the wall, there was a hanging display of different table setups. This one was my favourite. 

IKEA Table Setup | Tall Girl Meets World

In another corner of the shop, there was a living room display with a big focus on nature. Beside this display, there was a bunch of free seeds available for visitors to pack up and bring home to create their own garden. 

Corner Living Room Display | Tall Girl Meets World

This was the first pop-up experience I've gotten the chance to visit and I thought it was a really neat idea. If I wasn't heading to a movie right after, I would have been heading home with a hefty bag of goodies! Even writing about this post makes me want to head over to IKEA for a plate of veggie meatballs, a cup of coffee and some new home decor items. 

What’s the coolest pop-up shop you’ve been to and why did you enjoy it?