Honey Bake Shop

I am slightly obsessed with Honey Bake Shop, a cute little cafe and cake shop conveniently located in my city. They sell an assortment of macarons, cupcakes, and custom cakes, among many other delicious foods. The food however, is not the only thing I love about this adorable shop. They have the most vibrant floral decor, and they even have a door that serves as a table. When it comes to decor, this little shop has pulled out all the stops on details. 

Honey Bake Shop Patterned Wall | Tall Girl Meets World
Honey Bake Shop Peony Patterns | Tall Girl Meets World
Honey Bake Shop Fresh Peonies | Tall Girl Meets World

vThis visit to the Honey Bake Shop came after our trip to Toronto, when my friend Jenna was visiting on her way home to California from Sweden. We certainly got our share of cafes filled with coffee and treats, as we enjoyed our Fika Cafe lunches in Toronto the day before. This time we decided to settle on just treats, rather than getting a full meal. There was a big selection of cupcakes out, but I wanted to try something new, so I went with these little cake bites in dark chocolate and coconut. Yum!  

Honey Bake Shop | Cake Bites

After we ate our treats and caught up some more, we took a few minutes to look around the shop and totally obsess over the cake display stand. While all the cakes were so beautiful to look at, Jenna and I agreed that the best cake was obviously the really glittery one. I mean, who wouldn't want sparkles on their cake?! Unlike many who have an intense fear of glitter due to its lingering tendencies, I love it! I think glitter adds the perfect touch, and that was definitely the case with this cake. 

Cake Display Stand | Tall Girl Meets World
Cake Display Stand Side | Tall Girl Meets World
Honey Bake Shop Front Window | Tall Girl Meets World

Do you have a favourite cafe in your city that you can't resist stopping in at every time you walk by? This one is definitely my weakness! 

Until next time, 

Kaitlyn xo