8 Gilmore Approved Snacks for Your Gilmore Girls Marathon

The day has finally arrived! The Gilmore Girls Revival, A Year in the Life, is available on Netflix. What better way to celebrate this glorious day than with a list of snacks to enjoy while watching the Gilmores eat their weight in junk food. Whether you're ordering Chinese, Greek or Italian takeout, or treating yourself to too much coffee and candy, snacks are a must for your marathon session. 

Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee! 
  2. Pizza
  3. Mini donuts
  4. Pop Tarts
  5. Ben & Jerry's ice cream
  6. Pie from your local diner (it probably won't be as good as Luke's though)
  7. Red Vines licorice 
  8. Candy (the more, the better)

I've already started my coffee IV and I'm ready to head home, lay out a spread of junk food and get my Gilmore on! 

What are you snacking on for your Gilmore Girls marathon? What did you think of the Revival episodes? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, 

Kaitlyn xo