Gallivanting in Gothenburg

The weekend after my trip to Copenhagen, I travelled with a group of friends to Gothenburg (Göteborg). We initially decided to travel there because one of my friends wanted to see The Antlers perform at a local venue. The rest of us joined for the adventure the city offered. 

We went to the concert the first night we were in the city and the band was awesome. The concert was held at a really cool bar named Pustervik. Inside, there was a basketball court meets club area - it was definitely interesting.

The next day, we explored the city and visited the Göteborgs Konstmuseum (museum). My favourite part of the museum was the series of photographs portraying real-life moments that were captured, often unknowingly, by photographer Vivian Maier. 

Gothenburg Museum | Tall Girl Meets World
Vivian Maier photograph in Gothenburg museum | Tall Girl Meets World

I also enjoyed the modern artwork, displays and sculptures. There was a wall with sound equipment fit like Tetris pieces into the wall and an abstract painting of the Eiffel Tower. 

Wall Art | Tall Girl Meets World
Eiffel Tower painting | Tall Girl Meets World

Later in the day, we walked down by the canal, which is right beside a beautiful park. We took a break to sit and enjoy the sunny fall day. We travelled at a perfect time because the leaves were beginning to change colour, making the scenery around us even prettier.

Gothenburg Canal | Tall Girl Meets World
Gothenburg Forest | Tall Girl Meets World
Canal and Bridge | Tall Girl Meets World

After our extended break, we continued our walking exploration of the city. The architecture of the buildings and statues is so incredible to look at. Even the university building in Gothenburg was beautiful. I couldn't resist stopping every few minutes to snap photos of the scenery around me.

Gothenburg Church | Tall Girl Meets World
Gothenburg Fountain | Tall GIrl Meets World
Gothenburg Building | Tall Girl Meets World
Goteborgs Universitet | Tall Girl Meets World
Gothenburg Architecture | Tall Girl Meets World
Gothenburg Statue | Tall Girl Meets World
Gothenburg Building on Canal | Tall Girl Meets World

That evening, we went searching for a fish market we had heard about. When we got to the market, it was closed for the evening (much to our dismay), but we did happen to get a great view of the city. 

Gothenburg Roof View | Tall Girl Meets World
Gothenburg Roof View | Tall Girl Meets World
Boat on Gothenburg Canal | Tall Girl Meets World

After dinner, we decided to check out the nightlife in the area. We found a wine bar to celebrate my friend Gloria's birthday. After that, we checked out several other local bars and met a ton of interesting people. On our way back to the hostel, we passed a charming street that was all lit up. 

Gothenburg with Friends | Tall Girl Meets World
Night Street in Gothenburg | Tall Girl Meets World

For our last morning in Gothenburg, we had initially planned to sight-see some more and visit a few museums, but our day was cut short when we realized the later train tickets had sold out. Instead, we spent a relaxing morning at a little restaurant, grabbing a big brunch and coffee.

Gothenburg Brunch | Tall Girl Meets World

Overall, the weekend was full of great sights, new music and delicious food. I really loved the busy feel of Gothenburg and the cafes that lined the streets, where you can sit outside, drink coffee and people-watch. However, after a long weekend of sleeping in a hostel with no windows, it was nice to come back to my cozy bedroom in Växjö with a nice big window. 

I love that the cities in Sweden, and even Denmark, are connected by train, making them easy enough to travel to for a weekend visit. In two weeks, I will be setting off on another adventure for a few days. I'll be joining a bunch of other students on a Baltic Sea cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn. Stay tuned for a post on that adventure. 

Until next time, 

Kaitlyn xo