Macarons and Lattes at Butter Avenue

I have been wanting to check out Butter Avenue Patisserie and Cafe ever since I heard people raving about their mini macaron cakes. This weekend, I finally had the opportunity to stop by their Queen Street location in Toronto and I was definitely happy I did. 

As soon as you step into the shop, you're immediately greeted with macaron cakes, tarts and a rainbow display of macarons in a variety of flavours. They also have a coffee bar, so you can enjoy a latte with your macarons. I went with the vanilla latte and it was so rich and flavourful. 

Latte and Macarons at Butter Avenue | Tall Girl Meets World

I decided to go with a box of six macarons so I could enjoy a couple at the cafe, then take the rest home with me. I picked up the following flavours: dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, Arabian coffee, pumpkin spice, Nutcracker Prince (chocolate hazelnut) and Mont Blanc (vanilla chestnut chocolate). Every single one of these macaron flavours was delicious, but my favourites were definitely the Nutcracker Prince and the Arabian coffee. 

Butter Avenue Macarons | Tall Girl Meets World

In the Queen Street café, there's a downstairs lounge furnished with cozy benches and little tables where you can enjoy your treats. It was nice and quiet down there, so my best friend and I were able to grab a seat to chat, sip on our lattes and snack on our macarons.

Butter Avenue Macaron Boxes | Tall Girl Meets World
Butter Avenue Bags | Tall Girl Meets World

The macarons come in cute little yellow boxes and the girls gave us a couple of paper bags, making it easy for us to bring the rest of our macarons with us. I love that Butter Avenue uses paper packaging, rather than plastic packaging. I was easily able to recycle these boxes and bags when I got home.

Delicious macarons and lattes plus excellent service puts Butter Avenue at the top of my list of favourite macaron shops in the city, alongside AG Macarons.

What are your favourite macaron shops in Toronto? Do you have a favourite macaron flavour?