Lunch at Flock

When you go for lunch with a party of 16, it can be a challenge to find somewhere along Toronto's Harbord Street that can accommodate a group of this size. However, we were lucky enough to stumble upon Flock, where we were greeted with a tasty lunch and incredibly accommodating staff! 

Flock Sign | Tall Girl Meets World

First of all, the decor in Flock is so cozy! With exposed light bulbs, striped walls and big cushioned seats, it feels like you've been transported to a rustic country home. I'm obsessed with this sign that was on the wall directly across from where I was sitting. 

Flock specializes in salads and rotisserie, and you can also spot chickens and roosters incorporated into the decor in a cute way. 

Flock Interior | Tall Girl Meets World

One side of their menu is covered in a neat black and white pattern with tons of tiny chickens. 

Flock Menu | Tall Girl Meets World

Point two: the service here is amazing. As a large group with no reservations, we had to find somewhere with enough seating. The servers at Flock let us take over the two huge curved benches in the front of the restaurant, along with a couple of tables, to make sure we had enough space and were all comfy. 

They went above and beyond to check with the kitchen if certain food accommodations could be made. All of our food came out quickly and with all of our specific requests addressed.

Now, onto the meal. I wasn't feeling a salad, which most of my table selected, so I went with the flatbread option. It was covered in chicken, goat cheese and arugula. While it was a bit tricky to eat without making a bit of a mess, it was so delicious. The arugula also made me feel like I was making a healthier choice.

Flock Flatbread | Tall Girl Meets World

When I found out a couple of my friends were ordering the Yukon Gold Frites with herbs and aioli, I knew I couldn't miss out. I totally have a weakness for a big pile of crispy fries! The fries were seasoned so perfectly, they could be eaten without any added condiments.

However, dipping them in the aioli made these fries next level. The aioli had a zesty lemon flavour, which gave it such a unique taste. If you're wondering where the pictures of the fries are, they were gone before I could take my phone out to snap even one photo! 

Of course it wouldn't be lunch (or any meal) without some sort of caffeinated drink. I went with the cappuccino as soon as I got to Flock, and I'm so happy I did. The flavour was strong enough and it had just the right amount of foam. 

Update: I have returned to Flock a few times and now that I eat more of a plant-based diet, I’ve tested out the salads and they are full of textures and flavours. The Power Flock is my top pick as it’s loaded with all of the good stuff including romaine hearts, baby spinach, steamed squash, marinated black beans, daikon, pickled onions, shaved brussels sprouts, soy beans, goji berries, crispy chick peas, sunflower seeds, all topped with a carrot, ginger, soy bean and white miso dressing. Talk about a mouthful!