Fresh Off The Boat

If you didn’t already guess from the name of this restaurant, Fresh Off The Boat is a seafood haven in downtown Toronto.

My friend Rachel picked up a soft shell crab sandwich and I went with the lobster roll. Both came with fries and delicious broccoli slaw. The bread on the lobster roll was rich and buttery, complementing the lobster perfectly.

As the daughter of an East Coaster, I'm a bit picky when it comes to finding the best lobster. While it's hard to find a comparison to freshly caught lobster enjoyed oceanside, this roll was definitely still delicious. The prices in Fresh Off The Boat are also really reasonable and ideal for recent grads like myself. 

Lobster Roll at FOTB | Tall Girl Meets World

What I really enjoyed about Fresh Off The Boat is the coastal and sea-inspired decor throughout the restaurant. There were exposed lightbulbs hanging from the roof with the type of ropes that you'd find on a boat. 

On the walls, there were a bunch of framed photos of people working out on the sea and of people with different types of seafood. My favourite wall decoration was the little metal crab that hung behind our booth. 

FOTB Handing Edison Bulbs | Tall Girl Meets World
FOTB Wall Decor | Tall Girl Meets World

On our way out, I noticed the seafood chowder sign. I'm always drawn to anchors and this one reminded me of my tiny anchor tattoo. This sign also made me realize that I should come back to Fresh Off The Boat to try out their seafood chowder.

Seafood Chowder Sign at FOTB | Tall Girl Meets World

I couldn't leave without snapping a picture of the front of the shop. Unfortunately the fences along the sidewalk prevented me from getting the whole sign in, but hopefully you can still appreciate the cute and crabby entrance.  

FOTB Front Entry | Tall Girl Meets World

There are several really good seafood joints in the city. Aside from Fresh Off The Boat, I also really enjoyed Captain's Boil, where my friends and I picked up (literally, you dig in and eat with your hands) crawfish, oysters, seafood rice and cajun fries.

What is your favourite type of seafood? Do you have a favourite seafood restaurant?