Fika Café

Happy Fika Friday! Today I'm not talking about the concept of fika, but one of my favourite cafés in Toronto. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out stat! It’s especially enjoyable during the summer because there's a hammock and little tables in the back, as well as a patio out front so you can enjoy your iced coffee with a side of sunshine. 

Fika Coffee + Cookie | Tall Girl Meets World

I've been here many times, but it’s always a nostalgic experience when I visit with my friends from my semester abroad in Sweden. Recently I visited Fika with a fellow Canadian and a friend from California, and we couldn't help but lounge and reminisce on our Swedish adventures.

We visited on a hot day, so we all immediately went for the iced coffee to cool off. What makes Fika iced coffee stand out is the flavour. It's infused with cardamom and fresh mint, making the taste super refreshing!

Since this photo was taken, they have transitioned to paper straws. Yay!

Since this photo was taken, they have transitioned to paper straws. Yay!

On top of sweet drinks, they also offer traditional Swedish treats such as kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and semla buns (a delicious pastry with whipped cream). According to Visit Sweden, here’s how you should eat these “doughy balls of sin: start with the lid. Use it to scoop up some of the gooey contents. Proceed with the rest of the bun. The carnal eat it shamelessly straight from hand-to-mouth. The refined like to fork-it. Bohemians do it with a spoon. Tourists do it with confusion. And traditionalists order it in a bowl of warm milk. All are equally good.”

Fika Treats | Tall Girl Meets World
Fika backyard space

Fika backyard space

The food is so fresh and light at Fika! I’ve enjoyed their potato salad (my personal favourite), grilled sandwiches, smörgås (open-faced sandwiches), and quinoa and kale salads. I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve eaten here.

Lunch at Fika | Tall Girl Meets World
Sandwich and Salad at Fika | Tall Girl Meets World

Another lovely thing to note about Fika Café is the decor. It's the cutest café inside with a book wall and macrame hanging planters. Very hygge!

Fika Book Wall | Tall Girl Meets World
Hygge Corner in Fika Café | Tall Girl Meets World

What’s your favourite Swedish food or treat? What are your favourite cafes in Toronto?