Otto's Berlin Döner

I always love trying out new restaurants, especially ones that are so close to me. My roommate from Germany suggested we go to a döner restaurant in the Kensington Market because she was missing the food from home. I was definitely game to try something new and stop by this cute shop. 

Otto's Döner in Kensington Market | Tall Girl Meets World

The restaurant has an indoor eating area and a front porch that's perfect for warm and sunny days. The aesthetic of the building fits in perfectly with the Kensington Market area. 

Otto's Berlin Döner Sign | Tall Girl Meets World

The outdoor sign reminded me of a time travelling through Sweden, when one of my German friends cooked us currywurst in the hostel kitchen. It was my first time trying it and while I wasn't sure if I'd like it initially, it was surprisingly delicious. Next time I stop by here I'm going to grab a cold beer to go with my döner. 

Inside of Otto's Berlin Döner | Tall Girl Meets World

The inside of the restaurant had a neat wall and wooden furniture. This awesome mural was done by a Toronto artist named Jennifer Ilett. 

Close-Up Of Döner Teller | Tall Girl Meets World

A very close-up view of my döner. I went with the chicken döner topped with onion, cabbage, garlic sauce and tzatziki sauce. Instead of getting it in a pita, I got it on top of a pile of fries. 

Döner kebab originated in Turkey, but my roommate told me it's really popular in Germany. It reminds me of shawarma, which I've had a couple times before. 

Döner in Box | Tall Girl Meets World

I picked up the döner teller. In German, teller means plate so my döner came in a box, rather than on a pita. It also came on this cute tray. 

When I was walking to this shop, I noticed a bunch of other restaurants I want to try out soon and my favourite cafe, Fika, is also located in Kensington Market. I'm looking forward to exploring more of the area over the summer. 

Until next time, 

Kaitlyn xo