An Appetizing Spread at Milestones

Exactly one week ago today I turned 23. While Taylor Swift wasn't singing about my birthday this year, I definitely had a lovely week of surprises, food and celebrations with family and friends!

On Thursday, my mum and I met for an after-work dinner at one of our favourite spots: Milestones. I typically go to Milestones for their brunch menu (which I did on Saturday) because I'm addicted to their avocado and shrimp eggs benny. Since we couldn't decide between entrees, we decided on a spread of appetizers and it turns out they are half off on Thursdays. 

Well, we definitely overestimated the amount of appetizers we would need and I ended up taking one of them home with me. 

French Onion Soup at Milestones | Tall Girl Meets World

We both started with their french onion soup. It was an overflowing bowl of goodness. I love the cheesy layer on french onion soup and this one had the perfect amount of cheese to satisfy my tastebuds. I was already feeling pretty full after the soup, but I still had two other appetizers and desserts to go...

Milestone's Famous Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip | Tall Girl Meets World

The Milestone's spinach and artichoke dip wasn't entirely what I was expecting. I was hoping for a cheesier flavour, but it had a bit more focus on the spinach and artichokes. I'm also not a big tomato fan, so I just ate around the salsa part on the top. I am a big chip fan though, so those were the perfect addition to the dip.

Asian Chicken Bites at Milestones | Tall Girl Meets World

The Asian chicken bites were the real winner for me. I loved this appetizer! This plate had crispy chicken pieces and crunchy wontons tossed in slightly spicy sauce. There was also the surprising addition of refreshing cucumbers. I will definitely pick these up again. 

Milestones Cheesecake | Tall Girl Meets World

Now, it wouldn't be a birthday without cake. I love birthdays at Milestones because they give you a big piece of cake for birthdays with a sparkler on top. While I was terrified of sparklers growing up, I think they're growing on me now.

Last year, I got a big chunk of chocolate cake from Milestones and this year was a delicious cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate. I think this lasted on the table for all of two minutes. 

What is your favourite menu item at Milestones? Where is your favourite place for birthday meals? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, 

Kaitlyn xo