The Girl

Hello lovely! I'm Kaitlyn, a 20-something Canadian girl living in Toronto. During the day, I work as a social media coordinator for an incredible non-profit. After work, you can catch me wining and dining with friends, reading a book or swimming laps.

The Blog

Why Tall Girl Meets World? Well, you may have guessed it already, but I'm pretty tall at 5'10. Since many people have commented on my height in the past, I figured I would use it as a defining feature. As for meets world, I chose this because I was about to embark on an adventure abroad when I first started my blog. But it still relates pretty well to my adventurous personality!

I started Tall Girl Meets World back in 2014 as a way to update my friends and family back home about my semester abroad. When I came back, I enjoyed blogging too much to give it up, so I expanded it to include my favourite topics to talk about: food, home and travel. 

The Fine Print

Unless I've indicated otherwise, all photographs, graphics and content have been captured or created by me. If you'd like to use any of my content or images, I'm more than happy to share, but please give credit back where it's deserved.


Thank you for visiting Tall Girl Meets World. I hope you'll stay awhile and take a look around! 

Have a lovely day, 

Kaitlyn xo