The Girl

Hello! I'm Kaitlyn, a 20-something girl living in Toronto. I'm currently completing a postgraduate public relations program and enjoying all the excitement the city has to offer. 

Quick facts about me: 

  • Black and grey clothing make up about 98% of my wardrobe
  • I am typically wearing a turtleneck (either a sweater or sleeveless one) 
  • I drink a minimum of two cups of coffee a day 
  • Food is the way to my heart
  • Mascara is the #1 staple in my makeup bag
  • I lived in Sweden for four months during a study abroad semester in 2014 and I talk about it all the time
  • DIY activities and decorating are total obsessions of mine and I can't stop making and buying home decor items and coffee mugs
  • Organized should be my middle name and I actually love things like day planners, spring cleaning and packing for trips
  • Travelling is a passion of mine (like every other millennial) and if I didn't love Toronto so much, I'd live out of my suitcase
  • Reading and listening to music are two great joys in my life 

The Blog

I initially started this blog as a way to update my friends and family back home about my study abroad semester. I enjoyed blogging too much to give it up when I came back, so I expanded my blog to cover lifestyle, public relations and travel topics. 

Now, you're probably wondering how I came up with the title of my blog. Since people always comment on my height, which is 5'10 and definitely above average in Canada, I decided to embrace it as a defining quality. The "meets world" part came from my adventure abroad, as I was travelling to explore new cultures in the world. So, Tall Girl Meets World was born with inspiration from my physical qualities, as well as my desire to explore the world and all of the exciting things it holds. 

The Fine Print

Unless I've explicitly noted otherwise, all photographs, graphics and content is created by myself. Any content that I have posted here reflects my own opinion 100%. If you'd like to use any of my content or images, I'm happy to share but please give credit back where it's deserved.


Thanks for visiting Tall Girl Meets World and I hope you'll take a look around! 

Have a lovely day, 

Kaitlyn xo